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"when you're ready, this is how you heal // by Brianna Wiest

"when you're ready, this is how you heal // by Brianna Wiest

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Healing is not a one time event.

It can begin with a one-time event - typically some form of sudden loss that disrupts out projection of what the future might be. However, the true work of healing allows that dispruption to wake us from a deep state of unconsciousness, release the personas we adapted into, and begin consciously piecing together the full truth of who we were meant to be.

In her follow-up collection to the international bestseller " 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think" Brianna Wiest shares over forty-five new pieces that will help you find your inner sanctum and embark on the path of true transformation. Wiest's words are a balm for any soul on the journey of their own becoming.


Brianna is the author of several books, including the international bestsellers "101 Essays That Change The Way You Think" and "The Mountain Is You." In her own words, she says, "I believe that the root of being human is learning how to think. From this, we learn how to love, share, coexist, tolerate, give, and create. I believe the first and most important duty we have is to actualize the potential we were born with ? both for ourselves and for the world. The unspoken line of everything I write is: 'This idea changed my life.' I hope my books do that for you. I hope they deeply inspire you, and I hope they help you become the person you've always wanted to be."


inner healing, self-help


paperback // 8" H x 5" W x 1" L

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