What's our story anyways?

For as long as I can remember, I have loved how a space feels. As a little girl, I remember how cozy grandma's house felt with the old creaky floors + the cabinets filled to the brim with notions of days gone by. The way the ladies would gather in the kitchen to chatter, + share stories, while tidying up from a family gathering. 

It was my job, to carefully place grandma's “good silverware” in the special “chest” that held the perfect service, for a party of 12. I was to polish each piece, + place it back in its home until the next gathering.The drawer inside housed the various newspaper clippings with quotes about life + funny passages from “Dear Abby” that grandma felt spoke to her. 

That to me was home, a place to gather, a place of safety + pure love. This is how I learned to love space. As I grew up + got out on my own, each apartment + home became the backdrop to my life. I filled the rooms with preloved + unique pieces, + found immense joy in changing them around to suit my feelings or the season. 

Through carefully placed objects, lit candles, a barrage of furniture from the present + the past and little trinkets that made me feel goodness, THIS is how I created my nest. 

Now in 2020, 11 years into my retail journey with Dwell, I source pieces for you, for your children, + for your grandchildren to create their own spaces of love + comfort. Each piece is carefully chosen + curated within our wee boutique, to stir up a memory, a longing for days of past, when simple pleasures were enough. I hope you enjoy sharing this little part of my world with me + that my picks bring you the joy for which they are intended. 

Sending you all the cozy love. 

Lisa Dubé