What's our story anyways?




hey there!  We are Lisa & Matt, a husband and wife dream team with four great kids. Lisa is a self professed restless soul with a constant need to change things up, make things pretty and adventure outside of the box. Matt is an accomplished contractor with an eye for detail and a mind that never stops. Together we dreamed up this crazy gig we now call dwell urban boutique. 

dwell first opened in 2010 with a vision of offering up an eclectic blend of housewares and furnishings for our friends and clients. It didn't take long for "dwell" to become a household name and to start our own little tribe of faithful followers. In fact we did so well in our first couple of years that Matt quit his full time job as a construction project manager to open our brother company [dwell construction inc].

With the success of both businesses and the needs for our community changing and growing we moved our boutique into the core of our downtown and remodeled a new boutique as a ladies clothing and lifestyle boutique, with Matt occupying the lower level to warehouse his contracting supplies. 

September of 2017 brought a new twist, and we sold our 1868 Victorian home and bought our first commercial building that houses our boutique. With that we have diligently been renovating the two floors above the boutique into a loft for our family. Boasting 2300 sf per floor this has been quite a chore. 

Today we are raising two beautiful daughters at home, and our two older sons have flown the nest to make their own adventures. the days are long, the hustle never ends but we wouldn't change it for a thing. 

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