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tiny X print tea towel

tiny X print tea towel

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Ten and Co. Tea Towels are both beautiful and functional.

They are made out of a 50/50 cotton-linen blend, which allows the towel to naturally soften over time while maintaining durability and absorbency. With a convenient hook sewn into the top and a generous size, this isn't just a pretty kitchen accessory- it will work hard too.

Great for drying dishes or hands in the kitchen, lining a bread basket or to be used as waste free wrapping for a special gift.


made in Sweden, designed in Canada


50% cotton, 50% linen

new tea towels are not very absorbent because of the excess dye and oils left over from the manufacturing process. to combat this, always wash your towels before their first use. add a splash of vinegar to help this process


For best results, wash using the warm setting [40° C], Hang to dry to reduce wrinkling, Iron on low if needed

Made of natural material, your tea towel is fully compostable. Depending on the condition of your tea towel, we recommend donating it to your local pet shelter so it can be repurposed


19.6" x 27.6"

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