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The Body // Folklife magazine vol.8

The Body // Folklife magazine vol.8

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One magazine: a whole lot of reading (and love).

Inside these pages, folks share their incredible insights, thoughts, feelings, and actions around the concept of “body.” We hear from individuals who are at different levels of accepting their bodies and of revering them. Some dedicate their lives to exploring their inner spaces, some revel in all the glory of their body, and some are moving along, step by step, continuing to learn to love their physical selves.

One way or another, our contributors say: our bodies are our homes. Come back home.

With nourishment in all the right ways...


A magazine for the window watchers.
Have you felt it? The change of air and energy and pace driving off the ferry that carried you across the ocean and onto the rock you call home or away? Have you breathed in that ultra-oxygenated air and took in the mass of green depths surrounding you? Have you felt your heartbeat quiet, your steps grow slower, and your openness for quiet connection in the bread aisle come over you?

It’s the invisible link to people who may be your neighbours, or beautiful strangers living deliberate lives. A connection to art, to community, to the beauty in the simple things, and to a romantic life of slow intention.

It’s island time; it’s intentional living; it’s paradise.

This is FOLKLIFE: a semi-annual print publication inspired by lives of wild intention, living on rocks in the ocean.

Here at FOLKLIFE, we’re storytellers.
With our beautiful, minimalist design, poetic editorial, and vibrant photography, readers trust FOLKLIFE to be a window into the salty wild. FOLKLIFE showcases art and agriculture, business and creativity, food and farming, and dwellings and nature, all inspired by the intentional lives on the Gulf Islands in British Columbia.

As the only semi-annual lifestyle print magazine solely featuring content from the Gulf Islands, FOLKLIFE celebrates and connects those living simply, and as an art form, through engaging interviews, stories, photographs, recipes, and art.

We’re with our readers wherever they go and whenever they need a dose of inspiration or a quick and unique distraction to get them through the (very full) busy days. For them, FOLKLIFE is more than a magazine: we’re a friendly and inspiring way of life.




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