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"evergreen" // by Kirsten Robinson

"evergreen" // by Kirsten Robinson

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A tribute to the enduring resilience of human nature as we cycle through times of light and darkness, much like nature itself.
Kirsten Robinson lays her heart bare in a raw, relatable and inspirational way to describe the journey of growth born out of finding beauty in breakage and love after loss. This artfully honest collection embodies and expands upon the poetry and prose 


Kirsten Robinson is a writer who began fearlessly baring her heart in a raw, relatable and inspirational way under the social media pseudonym Naked Writing. She believes that writing and creative expression can be powerful tools for supporting people in healing and processing daily life. Through poetry and prose, she hopes to help others feel less alone in their own journeys of love, loss and personal growth?providing the same sense of comfort that she herself has found in reading since childhood. She is currently based in New York.


poetry, wellness


paperback //8" H x 5" W x 1" L

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