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"Coffee, Rum & Cyanide" perfume oil

"Coffee, Rum & Cyanide" perfume oil

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Black Phantom by Killian Dupe 

A thrilling blend of rich coffee, velvety rum, + a hint of danger. It's like sipping on a steamy cup of Joe laced with a shot of rum, knowing there's something dark and intriguing lurking beneath the surface. With each whiff, you'll be transported to a clandestine rendezvous, where secrets are shared over whispered conversations. Coffee, Rum & Cyanide is the olfactory equivalent of a thrilling noir novel – it keeps you hooked from start to finish. Indulge in this intoxicating scent and embrace the deliciously enigmatic world it unveils.

Notes: Rum, Coffee, Cyanide, Cacao, Cognac, Cedarwood, Sugarcane, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Whisky 

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Please note* a little goes a long way. These perfume oils are strong. A small dot on each wrist will last you all day.


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10ml // .32oz

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