"thrive" plant vitamins fertilizer

  • $32.00

The name says it all! If you want your plants to Thrive this is a must have for your plant care routine. Think of it like your plants multivitamin, keeping it strong + healthy and helping it deal with the stresses of indoor living. 60ml 

  • 60 + minerals, vitamins, and active growth hormones
  • Designed, packaged, and shipped from Canada
  • Made for regular fertilization of your plants
  • Makes up to 120 litres of fertilizer
  • Measured glass dropper

Dilute 1ml of the fertilizer to every 1L of water for regular watering. You can use Thrive 2-4 times a month or every other watering through spring and summer and reduce to 1-2 times monthly during fall and winter. For extremely sensitive plants, you can reuse the dilution to 0.5ml to every 1L