Salt + Sour : My Recipe for Starting Over

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A cookbook memoir by Yoda Olinyk

When we think of a starting over, most of us dream up images of exciting new adventures + possibilities.

For Yoda Olinyk, starting from scratch meant waking up alone and sorting through the losses that had vanished over the last 16 months: her home, her partner, her dog, her life savings, her restaurant, + her self-worth.In this gutsy memoir, Yoda chronicles her turbulent relationship + the restaurant that caused her to lose so much, including herself. Instead of sugar-coating the process + promising everything will get tied up in a sparkly bow, Yoda details how complicated + unraveling starting over really feels. For Yoda, it’s through a combination of facing the hard truths about her relationship, making amends with the people she had wronged, traveling Europe and indulging in Pedro’s orange cake, that she finds a way to start from scratch in life, love, words, and food. Salt and Sour is a compilation of stories of resiliency, strength, love, trauma and loss, mixed with tempting recipes throughout.