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Piñon // incensé bricks

Piñon // incensé bricks

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Piñon incense bricks are a traditional incense choice for centuries, made from crushed piñon nuts, bark, + resins. A single brick can fill a room with a pleasant, woody aroma.

An evergreen tree that grows along the foot hills of Californian's desert mountains, east to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, and north to Wyoming. This tree produces a cone that bears edible seeds harvested in the late fall. When burned, the smoke is a soft smell of the Pinon that fill the air in towns and villages throughout New Mexico.

includes 20 bricks

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How to use

Hold the brick over a flame until the brick burns by itself. After the brick has stopped flaming, gently blow on the ember. Place the brick in the center of lid unlit side down.


dimentions // weight

20 bricks

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