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not coffee // loose leaf tea blend

not coffee // loose leaf tea blend

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tasting notes: Bitter notes of dark chocolate and coffee, with hints of cinnamon and nuts.

Dear coffee: we love you for your intoxicating aroma and bold and bitter flavour. Jitters, insomnia + tummy aches? No thanks! This herbal revelation brings the glorious richness and ritual of your morning brew, but leaves the rest. Formulated with power plants like detox-worthy dandelion root and stress-busting ashwagandha; it’s a satisfying, feel-good fix without the flop.



made in

Hamilton, ON


Help the body manage physical and emotional stress
Improve detoxification, digestion and gut health
Fight inflammation and free-radical damage

When to Steep:
During your morning ritual
With your breakfast in the morning
2pm pick-me-up
Instead of your afternoon coffee
As a soothing after-dinner treat

How to use

Steep tea in 1 cup of 98° water for 4-6 minutes.
Try me with a splash of milk and honey (or however you enjoy your coffee!)
Tea Latte: Steep tea double strength and top with frothed milk, vanilla and sweetener.


dandelion root*, chicory root*, rooibos*, cinnamon*, ashwagandha root, (*all organic)

dimentions // weight

85g// 24 cups

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