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lavender dreams // loose leaf tea

lavender dreams // loose leaf tea

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tasting notes: Soothing lavender and rooibos with a kiss of warming tulsi and vanilla.

Clean linens, soft slippers and a cozy cup of lavender tea: a few of our favourite things about bedtime! Sip and soak up a little relaxation with this soothing blend of lavender, passionflower, and superfoods tulsi and ashwagandha. It’s perfect to soothe your nerves on a stressful day, or as a part of your nightly wind-down ritual.

caffeine free


Hamilton, ON


Promote relaxation, restful sleep and well-being
Improve the body’s ability to manage stress
Support digestive health
Manage symptoms of anxiety and depression
Antioxidant support


Steep tea in 1 cup of 98° water for 4-6 minutes.
Try me with a splash of milk and honey.
Tea Latte: Steep tea double strength and top with frothed milk, vanilla and sweetener.


Lavender*, Tulsi*, Chamomile*, Rooibos, Passionflower*, Ashwagandha*, Pure Vanilla Bean Powder* (Organic)


24 cups // 50g

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