The Triple Threat

The Triple Threat

  • $30.00

Rose + Calendula + Rose Quartz

This handcrafted product has been infused with rose quartz stone and the energies of the full moon. #dwellstyle

Apply small amount to fingertips and gentle massage into eye area. Use a warm cloth or Lunah Facial Toner to remove excess oil and makeup.

Other uses:

  • works beautifully as a daily or bi-weekly oil cleanser in colder months
  • apply as moisturizer after cleansing
  • massage a drop or two into hair to condition and tame fly-aways
  • create a pre-wash conditioner by applying liberally to hair. Tie hair up and leave in for 30minutes. Hop in shower and wash out.

*Almond oil is used in this product, please refrain from using if you have a nut allergy