fairtrade fishermen toque

  • $47.00

The perfect all seasons beanie.

This is, truly, the ideal toque. Stretchable but firm in its shape, suitable for all head sizes, + made with pure Peruvian alpaca, one of the world’s silkiest, warmest, most luxurious + sustainable fibers.

  • One size fits most or all. Forgiving for bigger heads, but still comfortable and cozy for smaller heads.
  • Alpaca has unique thermal properties due to the mircoscopic air pockets found in its fiber, allowing air circulation on warm days and heat insulation on cool days. 
  • No animals are harmed in the making of any alpaca products. Alpacas are shorn in cycles like sheep according to the seasons.
  •  100% pure Peruvian alpaca | Hand wash cold & lay flat to dry | Do not machine wash or machine dry.