dwell x plant inspired kitchen

We are expanding our healthy lifestyle ethos to now include healthy Takeout options. Welcome the Talented Lisa Friesen, owner, chef + holistic nutritionist of Plant inspired Kitchen to our #dwlgrl team. 

Lisa's recipes are 100% plant based, meaning they contain vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds + legumes. Why plant based? She believes that we all need to get more whole foods in to our diet, sadly whole foods are taking the supporting role instead of being the shiny stars on our plates. Real food + less processed food is what we need to begin feeling better and increasing our energy. Lisa doesn’t believe there is one way for anyone to eat, + labels can be restricting but she does believe food can be powerful + we need to experiment to see what works best for ourselves.

Contactless pickup TUESDAYS between 3pm-6pm (if you require an alternate time, please email us) 


In-town delivery available for a fee at checkout.


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