dwell- Peaceful People Society

Peaceful People Society, we are more than jewelry, we are a way of life...we are peaceful people...join the tribe...

In a search to find my own inner peace and health, I found my path with Peaceful People Society. One Mala changed my life...In 2012 I made myself a Mala to use in my own meditation practices, while creating this Mala I found a peace and calm, a meditation in itself...and that was it. From there I began making custom Mala necklaces and bracelets for friends and family, and then requests from word of mouth, spreading to request from all over the globe. I am meeting new and wonderful people as this business grows, and with so much love and support it has been an easy decision to commit myself to Peaceful People Society, and open this shop here on etsy. 

Peaceful People Society is for everyone!