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Fall Into Style

It's sweltering out. No, wait, now I'm freezing! How am I supposed to pick an outfit?! If this internal battle sounds just a little too familiar, you'll want to pay attention: We've got a ton of fashion advice for what to wear during that tricky transition between summer and fall.  One of the main things that gets neglected when we start transitioning into the cooler months is one's accessories. We generally just switch to darker coloured handbags, heavier jewelry, and cool-tone scarves as soon as our coveted beach days are over, but if you've been sporting a neutral coloured purse all summer long, why not extend its lifetime into Fall? Who says you have to stick your summery accessories in the back...

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Sorry We've Been Quiet!

Well hello dwell tribe! It's been a while but we definitely didn't forget about our amazing customers! Lots has been happening under the dwell roof and we just wanted to touch base with you and share whats been going on!  First of all, dwell Urban Boutique went under a major renovation a few weeks ago, and we've got a completely new and fresh look! Out with the old, and in with the new they say! We are moving the brand into a new direction, so with that the store needed a make-over! Keeping with our signature turquoise colour scheme, you'll see a lot of fun additions to the store, from unique triangle necklace displays, to handmade industrial-inspired display tables. It's...

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Community Partnerships

Poppin’ Up – Dwell Style, 2017   At dwell we are all about creating partnerships with local movers, makers and shakers. We know the grind, we know the passion and we believe that the most powerful way to develop lasting brand loyalty is by fostering a community of like minded individuals. dwell urban boutique offers a fresh, unique and always evolving atmosphere that has earned us a strong and repeat customer base of some pretty forward thinking and trendy peeps.  In today’s digital age it has become even more important for us to reach out to one another and create lasting relationships with those who desire authentic, local and ethical goods at a reasonable price.  This year we are looking...

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