Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

Poppin’ Up – Dwell Style, 2017


At dwell we are all about creating partnerships with local movers, makers and shakers. We know the grind, we know the passion and we believe that the most powerful way to develop lasting brand loyalty is by fostering a community of like minded individuals.

dwell urban boutique offers a fresh, unique and always evolving atmosphere that has earned us a strong and repeat customer base of some pretty forward thinking and trendy peeps.  In today’s digital age it has become even more important for us to reach out to one another and create lasting relationships with those who desire authentic, local and ethical goods at a reasonable price. 

This year we are looking for new creative partners to introduce their “wares” to our clientele within our cozy little boutique. The idea of a “pop-up” is to engage with prospective clients within a unique space in order to create a personal relationship, allow potential clients to see your wares first hand and have the opportunity to touch them and hear the story behind your passion.

At dwell you will have the opportunity to invite your existing online clientele, and engage with them in a space that fits your personality and serves to showcase your wares in an atmosphere that will build potential long time client relationships.

The goal of the “pop-up” shop is simple:

  • create revenue for the maker as well the host shop
  • create brand awareness
  • build on customer relationships

The “pop-up” is a makers dream come true as it allows small and new business owners the venue to test run their product in an affordable and risk free environment. By letting us host your “pop-up” you can avoid the high cost of rent, utilities, internet, insurance, advertising, props and fixturing.

At dwell we offer our partners a clean environment, a trendy location, washroom and parking. We also will help advertise your event by using our social media to promote and discuss your upcoming event.

Generally a pop up will run on a weekend or a week night, averaging time from 2-4 hours, the duration is completely up to you. The fee is $100 flat rate payable at time of booking. We will have a table available should you require one, outdoor signage to announce event and refreshments available. In return we ask that you have a means of processing your sales (cash, square, shopify) and that you do your legwork at promoting your event well in advance of the date.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your target demographic and the passion behind your work, and we will help you curate an event that will inspire community, brand loyalty and a lasting partnership.

Thanks for the chat,

Dwell Urban Boutique



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